herbal tea sampler sets

$28.88 - $35.55
herbal tea sampler sets

herbal tea sampler! perfect as a holiday gift for the tea lover in your life, or for yourself if you like teas/want to see which blends you enjoy. each sampler comes with 4 jars of herbal teas, choose ONE of the two options
sampler one:
-rose garden (green tea, vanilla, and rose)
-relax + unwind (lavender + chamomile)
-refresh (peppermint green tea)
-spiced black tea (black tea, cinnamon, vanilla, and black pepper)
sampler two:
-orange cream (vanilla, rooibos, green tea, orange, rose hip, hibiscus)
-vanilla + rose (green tea, rose, and vanilla powder)
-peppermint mocha (peppermint, cacao, cocoa)
-fruit salad (green tea, açaí, blueberry, raspberry)
and a holiday tea spoon! each jar is 1.5 oz (by volume)